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  •     Shenzhen Guangxin electronic technology since its inception has been committed to the Asia Pacific region

    and the semiconductor components distribution business, through the accumulation of many years has a

    wealth of operational experience in the marketing and sales, has become the main supplier of semiconductors

    and components. We not only provide excellent performance, quality and reliable products for customers, and

    continuously improve the technical support and value-added services, to meet the higher requirements of cu-

    stomers. A high quality and reliable service to us, not only won the widely recognized by customers, and en-

    able us to become photoelectron (Kodenshi), (Everlight), Sharp billion light (Sharp), brother of body (Allegro),

    Xian Tong (Fairchilld), Vishay (Vashay), En Zhipu (NXP) and other well-known manufacturers of long-term

    the downstream partners trust.

        Main products: A series: OS series of infrared photoelectric switch, photoelectric switch, groove type refl-

    ective switch, a silicon photocell tubes, infrared emission tube, a photosensitive receiving tube, photodiode,

    avalanche diode, infrared receiver, photoelectric sensor IC, light detectors, infrared data head, head, laser

    optical fiber transceiver tube, light emitting diode. B sensor series: gas sensor (smoke sensor, gas sensor,

    carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sensor sensor sensor, an alcohol sensor

        Methane sensor, ozone sensor, oxygen sensor, air pollution sensors, hydrogen sulfide sensor, combus-

    tible gas sensor), acoustic sensor, sensor, sensor, Shi Min Li Min, Holzer sensor, temperature sensor, the

    human body sensor Finel lens, color sensor, the image sensor, X ray sensor, tilt sensor. C series high fre-

    quency field effect: double gate field effect transistor, high frequency triode, monolithic microwave tubes,

    microwave RF silicon bipolar transistor, bipolar transistor. The integration of D IC series: IC infrared rem-

    ote control, infrared, Bluetooth IC data IC.

        To provide with a single service: professional to provide you with a full range of services with a single!

    Business QQ:250301686 1716121214